Hemp-ful Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values, and About Us

Hemp-ful Mission Statement

Hemp-ful is a community of like-minded people with an aim to change the world for the better with industrial hemp. Hemp-ful is an interactive social media platform for discussions, questions, answers and everything you need to know about hemp.

Network with numerous individuals and companies, make new friends, discover new products, follow, and invite each other to your groups to become a part of this world changing platform that focuses on hemp production and its benefits for the environment and human body.

Hemp-ful Vision Statement

To become a global social media platform built around awareness of hemp and its lively benefits for health and the environment.

To raise awareness about hemp products and their benefits for the general public and make them globally accessible through the Hemp-ful platform.

To connect members of the hemp industry to others for process like wholesale, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution.

Building a centralized place for all the hemp information found in literature and online.

Core Values

1. Community Building

At Hemp-ful we aim to educate, inspire and share practical tips on hemp. Users can ask questions, share their stories, engage in groups, find hemp dealers and get along with people with similar interests. The community will also keep its members updated on the development of new hemp products, and share recent news. We don’t post anything for the sake of posting, but to make it helpful for the community.

2. Innovation

The community is based on the principles of innovation. We welcome new ideas in the community and work collaboratively to explore more together and experiment with new products that makes a change in the world.

3. Growth

A part of our philosophy is to change the way people perceive hemp and make it accessible to new audiences in order to include them in a process of a greater good.

About Us

The internet is undoubtedly the best place for learning. A staggering amount of information is accessible to us in a matter of just a few clicks, but at the same time, some topics have limited authenticity and anyone searching it may have to wander for hours aimlessly to find the right information. Hemp is a prime example. The information is scattered making it incredibly hard for beginners to gain insights into the topic.

That was when the idea of Hemp-ful came into the play…

Hemp-ful was created to save your time, to educate you about hemp and its related products, and to gather people of the same interest on one platform to discuss hemp and be a part of a global change.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. It is a natural remedy for many ailments. The benefits of hemp products are abundant and include reducing inflammation, easing muscle tension and spasms, improving blood circulation, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and calming anxiety. In other words, it is a natural way to relieve pain without harsh medication or adverse side effects. Not only does it have positive effects on the body but the environment too. Hemp could greatly help us with environmental issues like deforestation and carbon emissions. This just scratches the surface of what hemp is capable of and the many benefits of this powerful plant.

The many benefits of this plant are too good to ignore which leads me to invite you to join Hemp-ful and take advantages of this plant.

make and join groups, and socialize in a community of like-minded people, who discuss, share and answer questions related to hemp and make hemp accessible to everyone.

Be a part of the change, Join Hemp-ful!