Hemp-ful Reading List

The Hemp-ful Reading List contains the most innovative, helpful, and thought-provoking books on industrial hemp, all in one place. Find titles about anything hemp related from its history to how-to books.

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Hemp History Books

The Emperor Wears No Clothes: A History of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana

By: Jack Herer

In this thoroughly researched, scrupulously annotated and shockingly provocative book you’ll learn: * How and why cannabis prohibition began and what that has meant to America. * All the uses of hemp as medicine, food, fuel, fiber, paper and as a plastic replacement. * The straight dope on marijuana smoking and the effects on the human body. * Who profits from the prohibition and criminalization of cannabis. * What you can do to speed up legalization and profit from the coming changes. Once again includes Jack’s original research in the back. As the most popular book about Cannabis/Hemp in history, The Emperor Wears No Clothes is required reading for anyone interested in how this plant can heal themselves, their families and the planet.

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A History of the Hemp Industry in Kentucky

By: James F. Hopkins

It is hard to believe that at one time burley tobacco was not the chief cash crop in Kentucky. Yet for more than half a century hemp dominated the state’s agricultural production.

James Hopkins surveys the hemp industry in Kentucky from its beginning through its complete demise at the end of World War II, describing the processes of seeding and harvesting the plant, and marketing manufactured goods made of the fiber.

With debate presently raging over the legalization of industrial hemp, it is essential that an accurate portrait of this controversial resource be available. Although originally published in 1951, Hopkins’s work remains remarkably current as hemp manufacturing today is little changed from the practices the author describes. This edition includes an updated bibliography of recent publications concerning the scientific, economic, and political facets of industrial hemp.

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Tales from the Kentucky Hemp Highway

By: Dan Isenstein

Among the many hidden gems in Bluegrass history is the state’s long relationship with hemp, a history noted by a historical “Hemp Highway” designation. Archibald McNeil was the first to plant the crop in the state in 1775. In 1803, John Wesley Hunt opened the first hemp bagging factory in the United States and helped transform Lexington into the “Athens of the West.” Another grower, Thomas Barbee, had a child with an enslaved person and freed his children on his deathbed. His grandson became a hemp grower as well. New organizations like Homestead Alternatives and Zelios Inc. have taken that history into the modern world. Author Dan Isenstein details the history of the crop and the historic trail dedicated to it.

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Hemp for Victory: History and Qualities of the World’s Most Useful Plant

By: Kenyon Gibson

Hemp for Victory is a book about hemp; it is the work of several authors active in the hemp world, including Kenyon Gibson, Nick and Cindy Mackintosh, Woody Harrelson, Mina Hegaard and Sam Heslop. A definitive study of the worlds most useful plant.

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Hemp For Victory: The Trillion Dollar Crop

By: Richard M. Davis

USA Hemp Museum Exhibits regarding the financial impact ending hemp prohibition can have. Hemp is a easily renewable resource material that can be made into 50,000 plus products. Restoring hemp to nature can power jobs and businesses in real estate, farming, fashion, medicine, building materials, recreation and other fields.

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Hemp – American History Revisited, Vital Resource to Contentious Weed

By: Robert Deitch

Who put the Hemp in Hempstead? Before the cotton gin, hemp was an essential raw material valued for its fiber and oil, as a fuel and a medicine. This colorful socio-economic history clears the smoke obscuring hemp’s role in battles between Britain and the colonies, the North and South, the haves and have-nots, and the marijuana lobby and their foes. Deitch offers a look at major events in US and world history as they influenced, and as they may have been influenced by, the cultivation and use of hemp.

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Hemp Farming Books

Farming Industrial Hemp Not Your Daddy’s Tobacco (The Hemp Series Book)

By: Dr John O’Connor

We are writing a series of Books on the current state of Cannabis in the USA including Industrial Hemp. Growing, pesticides, toxins, laws, strains, microbes, hybrids, CBD, extracts, flower, total thc, labs, testing issues, and everything else you wanted to know but no one is willing to tell you

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Small Acreage Hemp Farming 101

By: Chadwick Burgett

This book is intended to assist the smaller acreage farmer in deciding if they want to take on hemp farming. While providing a loose step by step guide the author shares what he has learned throughout his first grow season. He provides you with his successes, failures, and what he’d do differently in future years to come. Anyone thinking of getting into Hemp Farming might want to consider giving this book a read.

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The Beginners Guide to a Profitable Hemp Farm: 9 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Hemp Farm

By: Dustin NcCorchuk

Are you wanting to start farming hemp for CBD, and don’t know where to begin? This book is for you! This book is designed to inform you about the hemp farming business, the possible pitfalls, and the things you need to do to be successful and profitable in your first year. This book is power-packed with information. No fluff and no wasted space. In about 20 minutes, you will be able to make an informed decision if hemp farming is for you. If you decide to start a hemp farming business, you will have all the tools you need to make informed decisions and get started on the right foot. Growing hemp for CBD outdoors is a complex process. You need to source the right seeds, have the right soil, farm in the correct location, and grow the plant in a way to maximize cannabinoid potency, keeping your THC levels below the federal limit of .3%. Then after you have done everything right on the farming side, you need to harvest and sell your product. This is the most important part of the process and one that is often neglected until the last minute. This book will help you plan out the whole process that you are ready to go on day one. While this book is not intended to be an exhaustive manual on farming, there is some basic hemp farming instruction. The main purpose of the book, however, is to inform you about the business, how the hemp market works, and most importantly how you get paid. You will learn the risk involved, and ultimately be able to decide if it is a business opportunity that you would like to initiate.

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Hemp Starts Here 101: Secrets Every Hemp Grower Needs to Know

By: Victoria Wylde

What is Hemp Starts Here 101? You likely picked up this book because you have a burning passion to be part of the hemp revolution sweeping the nation. Perhaps you have been thinking about growing for some time. Or maybe you have grown before and have not had the best luck with suppliers, partnerships, or the overall productivity of your grow. This book will help you change that and make money in this exciting new frontier. Your plants and hemp products have the ability to change someone’s life. With the right growing methods, business strategies, and mindset you can also be an integral part of the hemp revolution. Your business has the potential to improve someone’s health, repair relationships, or simply help people live a better life. That’s powerful. You have been called to make a change. Hemp Starts Here 101 will help you develop a growing plan that you execute with confidence. Hemp Starts Here 101 will ask you the tough questions, so you can solve problems before they ever arise. Hemp Starts Here 101 will teach you how to make this calling your career, where people will pay you to do something you love. This is your moment, in which you shift your dreams into a reality.

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